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Plastic grocery baskets along with grocery store purchases including sunblock

Buy It, Or Better Not?

In this activity, learners consider the costs, risks, and benefits of nanoparticles in various products.
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Online Workshop Recording: Nano Brown-Bag: Nanotechnology and Pseudoscience

Online professional development workshop recording (2015).
Stage show focused on would you buy that items created with new technology

Would You Buy That

In this stage presentation, learners explores social and ethical issues of consumer products from the past, present and future

Nanotechnology Spin-a-Prize!

In this activity, learners discover the basics of nanoscale science, engineering, and technology through a game show format.

Try measuring little things!

In this activity, learners use a ruler to measure small things and consider the need for special measurement tools at the nanoscale.
Children looking at Gecko with magnifying glass

Biomimicry: From Nature to Nanotech

In this long activity, learners will engage in activities showing various natural phenomena that scientists and engineers have emulated to address human problems.
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Privacy. Civil Liberties. Nanotechnology.

In this forum, learners will discuss several nanotechnology application scenarios then deliberate in small groups and create a group response to the overarching question, "how can nanotechnology affect someone’s privacy"
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Compilation of Nanoscale Exhibit Projects Front End Evaluation (2005)

Front-end evaluation report literature review of existing Nanoscale Communication Projects as of 2005.
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Risks, Benefits and Who Decides?

In this forum, learners discuss the strengths and weaknesses of three options, raise questions about the societal and environmental implications of nanotechnology to a panel of experts, and work in small groups to form a group recommendation drawing from the options presented.


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