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A lotus leaves in a small, man-made concrete pond.

Zoom into a Lotus Leaf video

In this video, learners get an up close look at the tiny nanostructures that give the leaf its unique superhydrophobic behavior.
three drops

Three Drops

Formative evaluation report of Three Drops is a full body immersive simulation.
Engineering is Elementary Worlds Apart engineering remote sensing devices activity cover page

Engineering is Elementary after-school modules

Afterschool curriculum developed by Engineering is Elementary focused on space exploration challenges.
Exploring Earth: Land Cover activity showing person pouring water on soil and sand

Exploring Earth: Land Cover

In this activity, learners model some of the ways natural processes affect Earth’s landscape through erosion and sediment pollution.
What's in the Water

What’s in the Water

In this activity, learners investigate what chemicals and compounds can be found in a sample of water using a variety of tools and techniques.
Paper Mountains Kit Components.jpg

Exploring Earth: Paper Mountains

In this activity, learners make unique mountain models from crumpled paper and watching how water moves across them.

Scientific Image - Water Droplets on Hydrophobic Sand

Zoomed in photograph of water drops on purple hydrophobic sand.

Scientific Image - Water Droplets on Nanotex Fabric

Photograph of water droplets sitting on Nanotex fabric.
NISE Net calendar art

Calendar of Seasonal Events and Holidays - STEM Throughout the Year!

In this web page, learners are encouraged to seek out STEM activities and subjects throughout the year.
Child using tube in water roll SustainABLE activity

Water Roll

In this activity, learners decide how they would distribute water between homes, farms and factories by sliding marbles down a tube into various containers.

Scientific Image - Ice models

Vector illustrations of ball-and-stick models of ice structure.
Oil spill video sactivty two comparison cups of oil, water, and sand

Oil Spill Clean Up Simulation

In this activity, learners use natural sand and hydrophobic sand to learn about oil spills and cleanup.

Scientific Image - Water Droplet on a Nasturtium Leaf

Magnified image of a water droplet on a Nasturtium leaf using an Optical Microscope.

What’s Nano About Water?

In this 30-second video, viewers quickly learn how nanotechnology can filter pesticides and heavy metals out of water.
What is nano about museum labels thumbnails of signs part 1

Nano Museum Labels (Graphic Signs)

These museum graphic labels highlight everyday connections to nanoscale science including: chocolate, food packaging, water, a window, paint, a toilet, a soap bubble, fashion, a sock, a pencil, a butterfly, a gecko, a laptop, an elevator, and a local city.
Learners pour beads into a sieve filter to sort by size

Exploring Size - Ball Sorter

In this activity, learners use sieves with different-sized holes, to sort balls by size and investigate filtering.
Formative Evaluation icon

Three Drops 2008 Formative Evaluation

Formative evaluation for the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network.


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