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A lotus leaves in a small, man-made concrete pond.

Zoom into a Lotus Leaf video

In this video, learners get an up close look at the tiny nanostructures that give the leaf its unique superhydrophobic behavior.
Young learner playing with a wall projection of molecules

Three Drops

Formative evaluation report of Three Drops is a full body immersive simulation.
Climate Hazard Resilience extreme precipenation forum of peple talking around a table

Climate Hazard Resilience Forum: Extreme Precipitation

In this interactive forum program participants will discuss the social, economic, and environmental impacts of extreme precipitation in facilitated groups.
Facilitator and young learner squeeze colored water into a dish

Exploring Science Practices: Early Explorations

In this activity, learners are given an opportunity to practice scientific ways of thinking that are developmentally appropriate for early learners.
Image of a book cover featuring an illustration of a satellite observing a planet

Engineering is Elementary after-school modules

Afterschool curriculum developed by Engineering is Elementary focused on space exploration challenges.
Photo of person pouring water on soil and sand to demonstrate erosion

Exploring Earth: Land Cover

In this activity, learners model some of the ways natural processes affect Earth’s landscape through erosion and sediment pollution.
Two learners measure out water into a beaker

What’s in the Water

In this activity, learners investigate what chemicals and compounds can be found in a sample of water using a variety of tools and techniques.
Caregiver and two children using the paper mountains activity

Exploring Earth: Paper Mountains

In this activity, learners make unique mountain models from crumpled paper and watching how water moves across them.

Scientific Image - Water Droplets on Hydrophobic Sand

Zoomed in photograph of water drops on purple hydrophobic sand.

Scientific Image - Water Droplets on Nanotex Fabric

Photograph of water droplets sitting on Nanotex fabric.