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Long Activities

Long activities include workshops, labs, and lessons for student and public groups. They are typically presented in a dedicated classroom or lab space. Length of time can vary from 45 minutes for an elementary field trip or classroom program to several hours or days for labs, summer camps, and other program formats.

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Kid look at particles being sorted into smaller sizes with a screen sorter.

Nanotechnology Summer Camp (Ages 8 - 10) - Framework

In this weeklong activity, learners will engage with nanoscale science and engineering through hands-on activities.
Chemistry oil spill activity materials with dye absorbant cups and tongs.jpeg

Cleaning Oil Spills with Chemistry

In this activity, learners will experiment with different methods of cleaning up a model oil spill.
A class of high school students in a science lab.

High School Nanotechnology Summer Camp Framework

In this week long camp, learners will be able to gain a comprehensive understanding of nanotechnology through activities that introduce them to the unique properties at the nanoscale.
Atoms to Atoms training card game

Atoms to Atoms Card Game - training guide and materials

In this training exercise, learners will play a game where they assign descriptive terms to chemistry-related phrases and discuss why they feel that way.
A family pays attention to a the story of "Horton Senses Something Small"

Horton Senses Something Small

In this activity, young learners listen to the Dr. Seuss book "Horton Hears a Who," they look at small things using lenses and use their sense of smell to detect things that are too small to see.
Brick design being tested by student

Composite Materials: Designing Mud Bricks

In this long activity, learners find out what composite materials are, why they are used in many industries, and then design and create their own composite mud bricks.
Sustainable Futures logo

Sustainable Futures collection of public programs

In this collection of activities, learners explore sustainability science concepts in a variety of activities.
Two actors act in a play about nano and society.

Same Sides and Let's Talk About It videos

In this program, learners are introduced to nanoscale science which includes 2 ten-minute plays that stimulate conversation about the impact the field of nanoscale science may have on our lives.
Survival logo (PNG)

Survival: A Game Show about People, Planet, and Prosperity

In this activity, learners will work as a team to discover that the three main pillars of sustainability (People, Planet, and Prosperity) are interconnected and necessary to a healthy future.
A docent is giving the liquid armor activity to an audience.

Liquid Body Armor

In this activity, learners find out that nanotechnology is being used to create new types of protective fabrics using the classic "Ooblek" experiment.


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