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Long Activities

Long activities include workshops, labs, and lessons for student and public groups. They are typically presented in a dedicated classroom or lab space. Length of time can vary from 45 minutes for an elementary field trip or classroom program to several hours or days for labs, summer camps, and other program formats.

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Nano Around The World  activity components including signs, activity materials and guides.

Nano Around the World card game

In this activity, learners are asked to assume the role of their character to find nanotechnologies that might benefit them and reflect on the potential uses of nanotechnology across the globe.
Liquid nitrogen being poured into a vat of cream

Nano Ice Cream

In this public presentation, a presenter will demonstrate how liquid nitrogen cools a creamy mixture at such a rapid rate that it precipitates super fine grained (nano) ice cream.
Girl with peacock feather

After School Framework - Nanoscale Science

In this four week afterschool framework, learners engage with nano demos and programs and provides learners with a basic understanding and appreciation for nanoscale science concepts.
Dye Sensitized (Raspberry Juice) Solar Cell, photo by Rashmi Nanjundaswamy for NISE Network

Dye Sensitized (Raspberry Juice) Solar Cell

In this activity, learners build a dye-sensitized solar cell using nanocrystalline titanium dioxide and raspberry juice.
Child with butterfly

School Field Trip Framework

In this long activity designed for field trips of students aged 8-11 years, learners use hands-on activities to learn about nanoscale science and engineering.
Exploring the Universe: Ice Orbs activity image

Exploring the Universe: Ice Orbs

In this activity, learners investigate a sphere of ice and objects hidden inside as a model for icy worlds in our solar system.
Looking at an opal through a scanning electron microscope

Colors at the Nanoscale: Butterflies, Beetles and Opals

In this activity, learners will be exposed to the term ‘Photonic Crystals,' explore some of the well-known photonic crystals in nature and will also be able observe one method that scientists use in trying to replicate this process.
Exploring the Universe: Imagining Life

Exploring the Universe: Imagining Life

In this activity, learners imagine extreme environments that may exist beyond Earth and create living things that could thrive there.
Kid look at particles being sorted into smaller sizes with a screen sorter.

Nanotechnology Summer Camp (Ages 8 - 10) - Framework

In this weeklong activity, learners will engage with nanoscale science and engineering through hands-on activities.
Chemistry oil spill activity materials with dye absorbant cups and tongs.jpeg

Cleaning Oil Spills with Chemistry

In this activity, learners will experiment with different methods of cleaning up a model oil spill.


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