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Online Brown-Bag: Nanotechnology and Pseudoscience (Recorded)

NISE Net Brown-Bag


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The NISE Net runs a series of online brown-bag conversations focused on helping partners share their work and learn from others in the Network. The aim of the online brown-bag conversations is to increase the number of professional development opportunities available to our partners, create more channels for Network partners to learn from each other directly, and create ways for partners to follow-up on ideas or efforts that emerge at in-person meetings.

Nanotechnology and Pseudoscience

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
3pm - 4pm ET / 12pm - 1pm PT


  • Frank Kusiak of the Lawrence Hall of Science (UC Berkeley)

New science, like nano, can be misused, misconstrued, or co-opted by greed. This online brown-bag conversation, Nanotechnology and Pseudoscience, explores how to identify poor science and examines how the word 'nanotechnology' has been used to sell a variety of products. We'll also finish this discussion with a fun "real science vs. pseudoscience" game!



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