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Online Brown-Bag: The Science Behind NanoDays 2013 - Part 1 (Recorded)

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The NISE Network is launching a series of online brown-bag conversations focused on helping NISE Network partners share their work and learn from others in the Network. The aim of the online brown-bag conversations is to increase the number of professional development opportunities available to NISE Net partners, create more channels for Network partners to learn from each other directly, and create ways for partners to follow-up on ideas or efforts that emerge at in-person meetings.

The Science Behind NanoDays 2013 - Part 1

Tuesday, February 12, 2013; 1-2 pm Eastern Time


  • Rashmi Nanjundaswamy and Lizzie Hager-Barnard, Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley

Are you interested in learning more about the science behind the NanoDays activities and/or applications of the research topics covered in the NanoDays kit? Do you want to know more about how the NanoDays kits are related to cutting-edge research currently taking place in labs around the world? Then please join us for an exciting discussion and Q&A. Feel free to bring your questions and we will try our best to answer them!

The workshop will focus specifically on the applications and scientific background behind the NISE Net's NanoDays kit activities. It will be hosted by two scientists from the NISE Public Programs Group.

Please note that this workshop is not a tutorial on the NanoDays kit. 


Additional resources from the presenters

References: This brown-bag focused on the science behind these two NanoDays activities:

During the brown-bag we discussed applications of liquid crystals and memory metals.  The following articles review some of these applications:

Liquid crystals

Memory metal