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Hands using blocks at balance our nano future exhibit in the Nano exhibition


Publications include journal articles, books, and other materials created for STEM education and science communication professionals.

The following are NISE Network external publications shared through journals and professional organizations.

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NISE Net Partner report 2016 cover

NISE Network Impacts: Report to Partners

Publication provides an overview of the major activities of the Network and highlights our collective accomplishments related to building collaborations, engaging the public, and increasing the capacity of the field.
cover of the Fall 2015 Exhibitionist Journal

Exhibitionist Journal article - Nano: Creating an Exhibition that is Inclusive of Multiple and Diverse Audiences

Publication focused on the Nano exhibition inclusive approach to diverse audiences in the *Exhibitionist*, a journal of reflective practice published by the National Association for Museum Exhibition (NAME), a Professional Network of the American Alliance of Museums (AAM).
Building with Biology full color squared logo featuring illustrations of DNA, a gear and a set of pliers

Fostering Conversation about Synthetic Biology Between Publics and Scientists: A Comparison of Approaches and Outcomes Journal Article

Publication focused on two-way conversations and mutual learning between scientists and public audiences about synthetic biology in the Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education.
Young learner using a sun-shaped flashlight to make a shadow on small yellow and red toy bears

Small Museums, Big Role: Powering the NISE Network article published in ASTC's March/April 2019 issue of Dimensions

Publication focused on role of partner organizations in the NISE Network in the *Dimensions* publication from the Association of Science Technology Centers (ASTC).
Family learning about the brain from a museum educator.

Public Engagement with Neuroscience and Society: Conference Report and Vision for a National Informal Neuroscience Education Initiative

Conference report on the collective vision of informal science professionals, scientists, and social scientists, towards growing public engagement efforts in concert with the rapid advancement of neuroscience research.
an illustration of a world Mercator projection with points of interest marked

A Global Landscape of Neuroscience Public Engagement Efforts and the Potential Nexus of Neuroethics

Publication focused on the intersection between neuroscience public engagement and ethics using a from a series of interviews with neuroscientists, neuroethicists, patient advocates, and educators around the world.