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Nano Bite: March 2009

Welcome to the March Nano Bite, the monthly NISE Net e-newsletter.

What's new in the network?  NanoDays!

  • NanoDays will take place at hundreds of locations throughout the United States March 28 – April 5, 2009. To learn more go to There are still a few NanoDays kits available for museums and research centers in the US, apply for one now.  The digital version of the kit is also available for anyone interested in nano education worldwide.
  • Nothing to wear for NanoDays?  Want to boldly express that you are Made of Atoms?  Order t-shirts and more at the NISE Net café press NanoShop!  Don’t forget to take pictures of your favorite folks in their NanoGear—and then post them to our NanoDays 2009 Flickr group!
  • NanoDays Rap!
    Jennifer Pritchard
    of the Da Vinci Science Center may have a new career ahead of her.  Check out her lyrical stylings on YouTube.  Think your backup dancers are better?  Post your own video and tag it "NanoDays.
  • Nano Ice Cream
    The Museum of Life + Science
    in Durham, NC is hosting a nano ice cream tasting for their NanoDays visitors.  If you're in the area, stop by on March 28th from 12:00 – 12:30 to participate and find out how liquid nitrogen cools the ice cream at such a rapid rate that it precipitates super fine-grained (nano) ice cream.
  • Sciencenter's Free NanoDay
    The Sciencenter
    in Ithaca, NY is teaming up with their local partners at Cornell University on March 28th for a slew of activities, and admission to the museum will be free in celebration.  They'll be doing hands-on activities from the NanoDays and Small Wonders kits, showing DragonflyTV Nano episodes, and will be trying out a cotton candy machine as a model of spinning nanofibers.
  • NanoDays at the San Diego Science Festival
    The Materials Research Society (MRS) and NISE Net will be hosting a NanoDays booth at the San Diego Science Festival on Saturday, April 4th.  For more information get in touch with Amy Moll, who's running the NanoDays booth.

What else?

Nano Haiku

nano wee 'lil' thing
shakin' and quantum leapin'
where you be leadin'?