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Posters, Graphics, and Books

STEM learning materials for public audiences include posters, signs, banners, books, and other products that can be downloaded and printed out or presented on electronic displays.

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Is That Robot Real? children's book and poster

Book, graphics panels, and evaluation report on fact and fiction around robots.
Building with Biology reference handout image

Building with Biology reference packet

Building with Biology packet of printable reference sheets on the basics of synthetic biology and related fields of study.
Three children measuring and mixing liquids using Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry activity

Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry kit - digital kit

Digital download of all public engagement and professional development files in the Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry kit.

Try measuring little things!

In this activity, learners use a ruler to measure small things and consider the need for special measurement tools at the nanoscale.
Participants engaging in hands-on Building with Biology activity

Building with Biology promotional materials (Digital copies of ads, posters, and banners)

Promotional materials for Building with Biology events including ready-to-print and customizable ads, posters, banners, collections of press photos, and sample press releases.
Children and and adult examining color changes in Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry activity

Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry Event Planning and Promotion Guide

Professional development resources to prepare staff and volunteers to host your Let's Do Chemistry event.

How Small Is Nano? Book and Poster

Posters and banners for the Nanoscale project in various sizes in multiple formats. Formative evaluation and survey instruments for the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network.
building with biology logo

Building with Biology logos

Building with Biology project logos and specifications for your own events and marketing materials.
Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry promotional materials

Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry promotional materials—ads, posters, and banners

Promotional materials for Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry activities including logos, colors, and graphics in multiple formats.

Zoom Into a Butterfly Wing poster

An illustrated poster showing a butterfly's wing across ten orders of magnitude; various printing formats with and without annotation included along with formative evaluation.


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