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Posters, Graphics, and Books

STEM learning materials for public audiences include posters, signs, banners, books, and other products that can be downloaded and printed out or presented on electronic displays.

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Sustainability Banner and Posters

Sustainability Banner and Posters

Promotional materials for Sustainability including graphics in multiple formats.
NASA Travel exoplanet Trappist posters

NASA Exoplanet Travel Posters

Posters created by NASA to spur the imagination about newly discovered exoplanets.

Zoom Into the Human Bloodstream poster

An illustrated poster showing the human bloodstream across ten orders of magnitude; various printing formats with and without annotation included along with formative evaluation.
Breakfast Moon

Breakfast Moon picture book

Picture book for young learners about how we see the Moon and how it changes over time.
Everything is atoms

Combined Zoom Poster: Everything Is Made of Atoms - Butterfly, Bloodstream, Computer Chip

This poster features zooms into three familiar objects - a human heart, a butterfly's wing, and a laptop computer.
Cover of the promotional guide

Explore Science: Earth & Space Event Planning and Promotion Guide

Promotional materials for Explore Science: Earth & Space events including event planning and partnership guides, release forms, and additional resources in multiple formats.
Poster illustration a zoomed image from graphene pencil line down to the molecular level

Zoom into a Pencil Line of Graphene with an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) - Illustration

This poster feature zoomed images of a pencil line down to the molecular level.
Explore Science: Earth & Space 2017 photo release form

Explore Science: Earth & Space Photo Release Form

Promotional materials for an Explore Science: Earth & Space event including a consent form in multiple formats.
Nano Spot graphic signs for toilets

Nano Spot graphic labels

These museum graphic labels highlight everyday connections to nanoscale science.
Ads and banners for Explore Science: Earth and Space

Explore Science: Earth & Space Promotional Materials—Ads, Posters, and Banners

Promotional materials for Explore Science: Earth Space event including ads, posters, and banners in multiple formats.


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