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Professional Learning for Scientists List

NISE Net creates resources designed specifically for scientists. These include tools and guides on science communication, methods for engaging the public, and ways to enhance collaborations.

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A bearded man in an audience talking on a microphone seemingly asking a question.

Science Cafe Guide

Professional development guide for educators on hosting an event that brings scientists and the public together in an informal setting.
Screenshot of an opening slide for a video featuring two learners testing a sample of water

Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry Professional Development and Training Materials; Framework and Strategies Guide

Professional development training tools and orientation slides to prepare staff and volunteers to facilitate the Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry activities.
Photo of the cover for the Bringing Nano to the Public: A Collaboration Opportunity for Researchers and Museums guide

Bringing Nano to the Public: A Collaboration Opportunity for Researchers and Museums

Professional development guide for scientists from the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network
screenshot of a video opening with a live crowd seated in a theater with an overlay opening title "Chem-Attitudes"

Chem-Attitudes with Dr. Braxton Hazelby facilitation training video

Promotional materials for Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry activities including a facilitation training video.

Mastering Science and Public Presentations: Video

In this 48-minute video of a talk, scientists learn the fundamentals of sharing science with scientific and public audiences.
A facilitator demonstrates how to mix and chew gum with a piece of chocolate

Gum and Chocolate

In this activity, learners practice observation and prediction skills as they experience an interesting chemical reaction in their mouths by chewing chocolate and gum at the same time.
Science Communication Workshop Title Card

REU Science Communication Workshop Planning & Implementation Guide

Professional development materials designed to enhance the science communication skills of undergraduate students participating in research programs such as NSF's Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) programs.
Family learning about the brain from a museum educator.

Public Engagement with Neuroscience and Society: Conference Report and Vision for a National Informal Neuroscience Education Initiative

Conference report on the collective vision of informal science professionals, scientists, and social scientists, towards growing public engagement efforts in concert with the rapid advancement of neuroscience research.
TEAM Based Inquiry Guide Cover page showing image of three people talking

Team-Based Inquiry Guide (evaluation capacity building tool)

Professional development guide and evaluation tools for educators and researchers that explain each step of the Team-Based Inquiry (TBI) process and feature ways TBI is used in the NISE Network to improve educational experiences and professional practice.
an illustration of a world Mercator projection with points of interest marked

A Global Landscape of Neuroscience Public Engagement Efforts and the Potential Nexus of Neuroethics

Publication focused on the intersection between neuroscience public engagement and ethics using a from a series of interviews with neuroscientists, neuroethicists, patient advocates, and educators around the world.