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Explore Science: Earth & Space activity and content training videos

Training Videos List

NISE Network instructional facilitation and content training videos support educators and scientists with their STEM engagement efforts.

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Voyage through the Solar System Build a Moon Base Camp learners using building bricks

Voyage through the Solar System: Build a Moon Base Camp

In this activity, learners use building blocks to design and construct a base on the moon that allows explorers to survive and thrive!
Voyage through the Solar System Space Souvenir activity showing  a medallion

Voyage through the Solar System: Space Souvenir

In this activity, learners make their own mission medallion with foil and cardboard!
Voyage through the Solar System Breath of Fresh Air activity with children measuring liquid droppers with graduated cylinders

Voyage through the Solar System: Breath of Fresh Air

In this activity, learners do an experiment that demonstrates some of the science concepts involved in keeping breathable air available on the International Space Station.

Speed-ucate Video or How to have an Effective Science and Society Conversation

In this 7-minute video, actors depict facilitators in a comedic take on a TV dating show to showcase tips for having meaningful conversations with museum visitors.
Changing Brains Training Video with facilitator demonstrating What Makes Us Human activity

Changing Brains training videos

Training videos are intended to help museum staff and volunteers feel comfortable while engaging public audiences with the Changing Brains activities.
America's Next Top Presenter actor

America's Next Top Presenter

In this 6-minute comedic training video, actors depicts facilitators exploring common pitfalls and best practices for giving an entertaining and educational stage presentation
Making Waves with Radio I Spy training video showing faciltator at a table

Making Waves with Radio training videos

Professional learning training videos for the the Making Waves with Radio activities.

Mastering Science and Public Presentations: Video

In this 48-minute video of a talk, scientists learn the fundamentals of sharing science with scientific and public audiences.
Blue evaluation tools icon slide

Team-Based Inquiry Training Videos

This is a series of training videos for an evaluation strategy to empower museum professionals to get the data they need in order to improve their products and practices and create successful educational experiences.
NanoDays training video still shot

NanoDays activities training videos

Training Videos for staff and volunteers faciltating NanoDays activities.