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James Webb Space Telescope

James Web Space Telescope 3D render
The James Webb Space Telescope will find the first galaxies that formed in the early universe and peer through dusty clouds to see stars forming planetary systems.

NASA launch now planned for December 18, 2021

Map and list of official NASA supported locations hosting Webb community events

The map and list of selected NASA Webb Space Telescope community events is now available. You can still host an event if you aren't an "official" NASA Webb community event! Applications for a "NASA-supported Webb Space Telescope Community Event" closed May 16, 2021, but there are still many resources available for hosting an event.

Resources to Celebrate the Webb launch 

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Professional Development Workshops

Image of the Sombrero Galaxy taken by Hubble

Closeup image of the nebula spin art creations

Hands-on Activities

Related NISE Network activities

More Hands-on Activities

Spanish language materials



A set of presentation slides including talking points, scripts in the notes pane, adaptation suggestions for different audiences, and videos

  • COMING SOON (anticipated in September)

Screenshot of NASA Eyes for Exoplants

Multimedia and Interactive Resources

Explore exoplanets using NASA Eyes

NASA Images

James Web Space Telescope being assembled

NASA Videos

Resources for Planetariums / Domes

Example poster of James Webb Space Telescope

Printable Materials and Posters

 Finding and Collaborating with Subject Matter Experts

Webb Space Telescope Diagram

Telescope Measurements for Life-Size Comparison Activities

  • How big is the mirror? 
    Webb’s segmented primary mirror has a diameter of 6.6 meters (21.7 feet). Each of the 18 segments is 1.32 meters (4.3 feet) across. The area of the mirror is approximately 25 square meters (270 square feet) and the mass is 705 kilograms (1,550 pounds on Earth).
  • How big is the telescope? 
    The sunshield dimensions are 21.2 by 14.2 meters (69.5 by 46.5 feet) and the height of the entire observatory is 8 meters (28 feet).
  • Spacecraft Diagram:

Webb Telescope Pumpkin design carved into a pumpkin

Pumpkin Carving




NASA Share your art inspired by the Webb Telescope images montage of artwork various artists



Host your own Webb inspired art exhibition





Webb Telescope asy to build paper model held in a hand

Paper Models 



James Web Space Telescope 3D render

3D Printing  




Additional Astrophysics and Space Telescope Resources



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