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NISE Network Partner Organizations

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The NISE Network achieves its reach and impact through the participation of hundreds of partner organizations across the country. Each NISE Network project has a different mix of core partners, advisors, funders, and partners. This page includes summary lists of leadership group organizations, core project partners for individual projects, and lists of partners across the country.

Leadership group

The Network's leadership group includes representatives and advisors from informal learning organizations across the US, providing a wide range of knowledge, expertise, and connections. The Network also maintains connections on an organization-to-organization level with other national networks, centers, and professional associations. The leadership group regularly seeks and acts upon feedback from Network partners in order to identify needs in the field that the Network can help to address, as well as knowledge and practices that the Network can help to spread. 

The NISE Network extended leadership group includes representatives from the following organizations:

Advisors include representatives from:

Partners across the country

NISE Net achieves its reach and impact through the participation of over 600 partner organizations in Network activities each year. The NISE Network creates resources on a national level, and Network partners coordinate and implement project activities locally. Through the diversity of our partner organizations, the Network has broad geographic and demographic reach across the country. Together, we engage over 15 million people each year in high-quality STEM learning! Learn more about NISE Network partner impacts.

Most NISE Network partners are museums and university outreach educators and scientists located in the United States.

NISE Network partner map 2022 indicated by dots throughout the United States


















List of partners who have received kits (combined list for all projects)

List of partners who received kits (listed by individual project)

Core project partners

Each NISE Network project has a different mix of core partners, advisors, and funders; learn more about each different NISE Network project:


The NISE Network's affiliated projects are generously supported by a variety of funders. 
Without their vital support these efforts would not be possible. 
Summary of project funding sources and acknowledgements.