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Inclusive Audiences

Informal STEM education is designed for everyone! NISE Network creates materials that educators and STEM professionals can share with lifelong learners of all ages and backgrounds.

NISE Network is committed to promoting inclusive, equitable, and accessible opportunities for diverse learners to engage in STEM.

By gathering, studying, and sharing evidence about what works best, the Network is continually improving in its efforts to involve all people in learning about and contributing to STEM.

NISE Network and our partners strive to include a diverse audience with regard to geography, dis/ability, gender, race/ethnicity, language and income. Some examples of this work include: 

  • Practices: using evidence-based practices that support meaningful participation and learning by diverse communities 
  • Partnerships: collaborating across networks and organizations to ensure broad geographic and demographic participation
  • Cognitive and physical accessibility: using Universal Design principles and accessible practices for educational materials and learning experiences
  • Cultural relevance and language: using culturally inclusive and sensitive practices and offering materials in languages other than English (NISE Network projects offer many of our materials in Spanish)
Discovery Museum building
Applying universal design guidelines improves access for all audiences and also allows layering of content for preschool through adult audiences.


formerly of The Discovery Museum

Selected Resources for Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion (DEAI)

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Racial Justice

A compilation of resources for museum educators about racial justice, equity, and inclusion. NISE Network and our partners are committed to playing our role in building a just future. Nationally and locally, we know we must address the persistent, undeniable racism in our communities.
two learners looking at a gecko in a purple and clear aquarium

Translation Process Guide

Professional development guide for educators from the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network.
family using a balancing table with wooden blocks to talk about Nano in society

Bilingual Design Guide

Professional development guide for educators from the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network.
Group photo of attendees of the Bilingual Audiences Workshop in Houston

Bilingual Audiences Workshop Resources

In June 2013, NISE Net partners representing twenty informal education centers around the country explored how to better engage Hispanic/Latino audiences with nanoscale science, technology, and engineering. Workshop resources include the agenda, information on sheltered instruction, presentation slides, TBI resources, and workshop handouts.
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Spanish Language Translations and Bilingual Resources

Many NISE Network educational products are available in Spanish! Based on input from NISE Network partners, we have adapted our most popular public activities and programs for Spanish-speaking audiences. The NISE Network also has created professional development tools for bilingual graphic design and the translation process.
Solar System Ambassador facilitating an activity at an Earth and Space event

Tips Sheets for Engaging Public Audiences

A collection of tips sheets for engaging public audiences in hands-on STEM activities. Specific sheets for: girls, young learners, bilingual audiences, preparing guest speakers, creating conversations, difficult concepts, and accessibility and inclusion.


Learn about upcoming opportunities, events, ways to grow professionally, and inspiring stories from network partners.