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Spanish Language Translations and Bilingual Resources

Many NISE Network educational products are available in Spanish! Español!

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Based on input from NISE Network partners, we have adapted our most popular public activities and programs for Spanish-speaking audiences! Follow the links below to explore Spanish versions of several NISE Network public programs, as well as other selected resources. We have placed the highest priority on translating products that directly serve public audiences. Professional resources, such as instructional materials and educator’s guides are only available in English at this time.

NISE Network materials have been specifically translated with U.S. Spanish-speakers in mind.

In order to ensure the highest level of scientific accuracy and cultural appropriateness, each translated product goes through a series of reviews. Different processes have been used for different projects.  For example, for the Nano Informal Science Education Network project, translation of materials was conducted by a bilingual developer with expertise in informal science education. These initial translations were then reviewed by a Spanish-speaking research scientist with appropriate content expertise. A final review was then conducted by the International Language Bank (ILB), a service of the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO).

Tools, Guides, and Strategies

Educational products with Spanish translations of public materials:

Programs and Activities

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Synthetic Biology:

Nanoscale Science:


Graphic Images

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Exhibition Signage 

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Blogs and News

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Earth & Space science

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Nanoscale science:


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