Museum & Community Partnerships Explore Science - Zoom into Nano kits shipping out

KC Miller

Explore Science - Zoom into Nano kits being prepared for shipment

In 2015 the National Science Foundation generously awarded additional supplementary funds to the NISE Network with the specific purpose of engaging underserved audiences and expanding local museum-community partnerships.

To that aim, the NISE Network has created the Explore Science – Zoom into Nano kit, with over a dozen hands-on nanoscale science activities re-designed to be used with local youth-serving organizations and packaged for informal group settings such as afterschool programs, as well as for use in event settings. The kit also includes training materials, including training videos for each activity, and professional resources to help museums plan and implement their partnerships.              

One hundred kits are being produced and they have been awarded to existing NISE Network partners across the country through a competitive process.

The kit fabrication team is hard at work packing the remaining boxes in time toship everything out by Feb 2nd








Digital Materials Now Available
If you are not receiving a physical Explore Science kit, we do have the kit materials and collaborative guide available online.

Enjoy your kits and your new partnerships! 

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