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Museum & Community Partnerships

Explore Science: Zoom into Nano kits

Explore Science: Zoom into Nano resources are designed to facilitate new or expanded collaborations between museums and other local community partners to engage underserved audiences in learning about nanoscale science, engineering, and technology. Through our Museum & Community Partnerships initiative, NISE Net provided physical Explore Science: Zoom into Nano kits to 100 NISE Network partner institutions. Recipients were required to meet eligibility requirements and were selected through a competitive review process.​ 

Digital kits are available for free download:

Project overview

The Museum & Community Partnerships initiative is part of NISE Net's ongoing work to broaden participation in STEM learning and provide educational experiences that are inclusive of multiple and diverse audience. Explore Science: Zoom into Nano resources were designed to help NISE Network partners:

  • Reach underserved audiences in their local community that they weren't already engaging in learning about nanoscale science, engineering, and technology ("nano")
  • Create new or expanded collaborations with a local community partner such as:
    • A local community organization, afterschool program, library, or summer camp
    • A local chapter of a national youth-serving group such as 4-H, Boys & Girls Clubs, Boy Scouts, Girls Inc., Girl Scouts, National Girls Collaborative Project, Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Y (YMCA), and YWCA

Kit contents

The Explore Science: Zoom into Nano kit includes over a dozen hands-on activities for public audiences, educator training materials, and professional resources to assist with partnership planning and program implementation. These are packaged in two ways: as "classroom sets" for out of school time programs, with materials for up to four small groups to use simultaneously; and as "event sets" for festivals, open houses, and other special events.

The digital version of the Explore Science: Zoom into Nano kit can be downloaded for free. 

Resources include: 

Attached Files
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MCP Overview 9-11-15.pdf 468.88 KB
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MCP Explore Science Application - blank SurveyGizmo 9-11-15.pdf 141.74 KB
MCP Sample text for Invitation to collaborate email 9-11-15.docx 159.79 KB
MCP Explore Science Application - blank SurveyGizmo 9-14-15.doc 41 KB
MCP Explore Science Application - blank SurveyGizmo 9-14-15.docx 81.47 KB
MCP_online brown bag_2015-09-30.ppt 6.43 MB
MCP_online brown bag_2015-09-30lowres.pdf 1.32 MB
MCP Kit Contents 10-7-15.pdf 373.93 KB
Collaboration tips 11-28-15 FINAL.pdf 370.61 KB
NISE Network Collaboration Guide 11-20-2015 FINAL.pdf 2.96 MB
Profiles national youth serving organizations 11-28-15 FINAL.pdf 499.61 KB
MOU Sample Template 11-20-2015.docx 104.4 KB
Museum-CommunityPartnerships_Report.pdf 79.72 KB
Museums_&_Community_Partnerships_Report.doc 83.5 KB
Museums_&_Community_Partnerships_Report.docx 89.69 KB


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