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NanoDays 2015 physical kit applications available now- due December 1st

September 15, 2014

Catherine McCarthy

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Apply now for a NanoDays 2015 physical kit!
NanoDays 2015 will be held from March 28 through April 5, 2015. NanoDays is a week of community-based educational outreach events to raise public awareness of nanoscale science, technology and engineering throughout the United States. NanoDays kits are currently in production and will be ready for distribution in early 2015. We invite you to fill out an online application for a physical kit containing all of the materials and resources you need to start planning your community events; applications are due December 1, 2014.


We’re in Year 10 of funding for NISE Net, what’s going to happen to NanoDays?

This is the final NanoDays physical kit that will be funded through the current NISE Net award. Beyond 2015, we encourage you to continue to host NanoDays and strengthen local partnerships by using this kit (and any previous kits you have). We've set dates for the next five years to promote national participation in NanoDays in the years to come.

Future NanoDays will be held:

  • 2016: March 26-April 3
  • 2017: March 25-April 2
  • 2018: March 31-April 8
  • 2019: March 30-April 7
  • 2020: March 28-April 5

 The NISE Network leadership is seeking opportunities to continue NanoDays after 2015, so stay tuned for further information!

Who can participate in NanoDays?
NanoDays kits are intended for use in public events; most host organizations are informal science education institutions and public outreach programs of nanoscience research centers. We invite you and your organization to participate in NanoDays 2015, whether or not you have previous experience with nano-related public outreach activities.

What kinds of kits are there and who is eligible to apply?
There are two forms of kits: physical and digital. They contain content and instructions on the same set of activities. You can apply online for a physical kit from now until December 1, 2014, or download a digital version of the kit after January 15, 2015. Two hundred and fifty (250) physical kits will be distributed for NanoDays 2015.

Physical kits are designed for informal science educational institutions (such as museums and research center outreach programs) within the United States. Eligibility guidelines are available here:  Please note that K-12 schools and organizations located outside the United Stats are not eligible to receive physical kits. To apply for a physical kit, go to and follow the directions for the online application due by December 1, 2014, or just go to the Survey Gizmo link above. Applications will be reviewed and you will be notified of your kit status in late December 2014. Applications include a description of your planned events or activities during (or close to) the NanoDays week; strong applications will include plans for using the NanoDays kit during the rest of the year. A PDF image and Word DOC version of the online application are attached for reference.  However, applications should be submitted online using Survey Gizmo.

Digital kits consist of free, downloadable materials on The digital version of the kit is designed particularly for international locations outside the United States, K-12 educators, libraries, and other educational organizations. Many of the activities use inexpensive, readily available supplies. Digital kits will be available for free download after January 15, 2015 at You do not need to fill out an application for a digital kit. 

We did NanoDays last year – do we need a new kit?
This year’s kits contain several new programs and activities and new training and promotional resources. We encourage you to apply for a new physical kit even though you may still have materials from last year.

I want to do activities in the summer, and can’t plan programs in March or April (the NanoDays period) – can my institution still participate?
We strongly encourage you to target activities within the formal NanoDays period for two main reasons. First, holding numerous events within a limited timeframe is a great way to enhance the visibility of our collective efforts nationwide. Second, the NISE Network uses these events to collect data about the project to help inform future work and to report to the National Science Foundation. We realize that there may be scheduling conflicts that make it difficult for your organization to hold activities within the short NanoDays period. If this is the case, you may still apply, but you should clearly describe your plan for using the kit in your application. If you have any questions about using NanoDays material, feel free to contact me.

I don’t work in a museum or nano research center – how can I get involved?
Events are coordinated regionally and locally through museums, research centers, and other community partners. If you don’t already have contact with a museum or research partner that is hosting NanoDays, we can help you find them.  Look for the geographic regional hub that corresponds to your location and contact your regional hub coordinator for how to get involved (

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