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NISE Net's 2018 Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry kits have shipped!

Kayla Berry, Museum of Science

The National Informal STEM Education Network (NISE Network), in collaboration with the American Chemical Society (ACS), has developed a new Explore Science: Let’s Do Chemistry kit, which has been designed to help museum and scientist partners engage public audiences in hands-on activities that increase positive attitudes toward learning about chemistry. The physical kits are shipping soon and are on their way to 250 Network partners across the United States, from Alaska to Puerto Rico!

Here are a few images of the kits being fabricated and packed up in the warehouse in St. Paul, Minnesota.













Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry kit

The Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry kit was developed together by museum professionals and researchers to increase public audience interest, sense of relevance, and feelings of self-efficacy in connection with learning about chemistry. The physical kit includes eight hands-on activities and one longer program, as well as all the materials needed to host an event including planning and partnership guides, safety equipment, training overview and activities for staff and volunteers, and promotional materials. 

A list of Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry kit recipients is available at The 250 kits were awarded through a competitive application process. 

When you receive your physical kit, look for the "Open Me First" packet on top. This has an introductory letter describing the contents in the box. A list of materials included in the 2018 Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry kit is also available at Items included in the physical Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry kit (box) include:

  • Planning and Promotional Materials
  • Safety Supplies
  • Professional Development and Training Materials
  • Hands-on Chemistry Activities (with supplies for 100 participants)

A digital version of the 2018 Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry kit is available at

We have created short activity training videos for each activity in the kit. The training videos are all included in your physical kit. These videos are also available online at Sharing this link with staff, volunteers and collaborators is a great way to prepare activity facilitators for the hands-on activities. 

Hosting public chemistry events

The NISE Network strongly encourages collaboration between museums, local chemists, and chemistry students to support the American Chemical Society's National Chemistry Week (NCW) taking place October 21 - 27, 2018, and similar events this year and into the future. Partners who received the physical kit will be hosting public chemistry events between October and December, 2018.

The 2018 theme for National Chemistry Week is "Chemistry is Out of This World" focusing on chemistry of air, plants and water in the outerspace. Here are activity suggestions from the Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry kit that support this year's outerspace theme, which also includes space info sheets for each activity to help connect to the NCW theme.

Learn more about National Chemistry Week resources for hosting your own chemistry event:

Learn more

The NISE Network is hosting a free, one-hour online workshop about the Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry kit. 

Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry Kit & Celebrate National Chemistry Week (October 21-27, 2018)!

  • Tuesday, September 11, 2018; 11am-12pm Pacific / 2-3pm Eastern

This workshop will be recorded and shared online along with workshop resources at

About the Project


Funded by the National Science Foundation through the Museum of Science. 

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