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Tips for working from home

Catherine McCarthy, Science Museum of Minnesota

revised 9-30-20

As many of us engage in social distancing to try to slow the spread of coronavirus, we know many of our partner staff are being asked to work from home and to engage the public online. For some, this may be your first time working from home, which can be difficult enough without the added complications of the current situation.

Below are some suggestions that we’ve compiled from various resources that can be helpful when starting to work from home or engaging the public online:

Set up a workspace

Create a routine

  • Act like you are going to work - including getting dressed!
  • Create a morning routine to mark the beginning of your work day.
  • Maintain regular hours if you can. It can be helpful to set a start and end time for yourself each day, but acknowledge that current circumstances may impact plans and be kind to yourself.
  • Communicate about your schedule with other members of your household since they may be working and learning from home and may need to share use of workspace and equipment. 
  • End your day with a routine (such as reviewing your calendar and tasks for the next day) to mark the end of your working hours and try to avoid continuing to check email or notifications when not working (we know this can be hard!).

Take breaks 

  • Health and productivity suffer when we don’t build in regular breaks for our brains and bodies. These breaks can take any form:

    • Get outside if you can - even a few minutes in fresh air makes a huge difference!
    • Meditate or do a short yoga video

    • Read a chapter in a book

    • Listen to a podcast

    • Try a mini-crossword puzzle or other quick activity

  • Tools:

    • Break Timer, a Google Chrome app will tell you when to take a break and rest your eyes

Social networking

Loneliness and isolation are common problems in remote work life, try different ways to stay connected with colleagues.

Online tools for collaborating

Getting Started with Zoom and Streaming Platforms for Online Engagement

Resources for digital public engagement

This list is provided as a service to the community and inclusion of a resource does not necessarily imply endorsement by the NISE Network.