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NISE Network Earth & Space Partner Meeting 2019

NISE Network Earth & Space Partner Meeting 2019 Highlights Video

Video features meeting highlights from the NISE Network Earth & Space Partner Meeting held at Arizona State University from February 2019.
Guide cover featuring a cratered surface of the Moon

The Moon: NASA is Going Back and Looking Forward presentation

Professional development training tool to prepare staff and volunteers to facilitate Explore Science: Earth and Space activities and conversations.
Apollo Lunar Landing Sites video still image showing locations of landing sites

Apollo Lunar Landing Sites video

Educational video about the six successful Apollo moon landing missions and lunar landing sites.
Book cover from the Break Moon Book featuring an illustration of of a family at a dinner table eating fruit

Breakfast Moon picture book

Picture book for young learners about how we see the Moon and how it changes over time.
Illustration of a NASA travel poster depicting an alien world with five planets visible in the sky

NASA Exoplanet Travel Posters

Posters created by NASA to spur the imagination about newly discovered exoplanets.
Learner demonstrates how an electroscope interacts with static electricity

Exploring the Universe: Static Electricity

In this activity, learners will discover how static electricity works by building a simplified tool that detects invisible forces on Earth and in space.
two educators playing space guess quest

Exploring the Universe: Space Guess Quest Game

In this activity, learners play a yes-or-no question guessing game that identifies the many types of objects in space, from human-made spacecraft to nebulas, galaxies, stars, and worlds.
Learners pull on elastic bands to simulate the stretching of the universe

Exploring the Universe: Expanding Universe

In this activity, learners pull at the edges of a stretchy model universe and see that the space between objects in the universe is expanding.
A young learner in a grassy field safely observes an image of the Sun being projected on a solarscope using the Exploring the Solar System: Observe the Sun activity.

Exploring the Solar System: Observe the Sun

In this activity, learners safely view the Sun and study features on its face, via a solarscope.
Family using thermometer to take temperature of their arm for the Heat Map activity

Exploring Earth: Temperature Mapping

In this activity, learners model the way Landsat satellites use a thermal infrared sensor to measure land surface temperatures.