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Two children extracting visible DNA from wheat germ in Building with Biology kit

Building with Biology Digital Kit

Digital download of all public engagement and professional development files in the Building with Biology kit designed to engage public in synthetic biology.
Logo for online workshop recordings

Online Workshop Recording: The COVID-19 Vaccine: What role can museums play in the rollout of the new vaccine?

Online professional development workshop recording focused on what role museums can play in educating their communities about the COVID-19 vaccine (2021).
Solar System Ambassador facilitating an activity at an Earth and Space event

Tips Sheets for Engaging Public Audiences

A collection of tips sheets for engaging public audiences in hands-on STEM activities. Specific sheets for: girls, young learners, bilingual audiences, preparing guest speakers, creating conversations, difficult concepts, and accessibility and inclusion.
Building with Biology Rewriting the Human Genome forum logo

Editing Our Evolution: Rewriting the Human Genome forum

Building with Biology public forum where participants discuss the future of human genome editing and its societal implications.
Presenter talks with a visitor

Museum Presentation: How TO and How NOT TO Interact with Visitors Video Guide

Professional development resources for educators from the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network.
Logo for online workshop recordings

Online Workshop Recording: Building with Biology Online Workshops

Online professional development for host site staff, volunteers, and scientists who hosted 2016 Building with Biology events (2016).
Should We Edit the Genome title slide

Should We Edit the Genome? forum

Building with Biology public forum where participants discuss CRISPR technology used to precisely edit DNA, and if we should.
Building with Biology logo

Building with Biology Evaluation Materials - Survey Instruments

Formative evaluation and survey instruments for Building with Biology events and forums.
Building with Biology orientation slide

Building with Biology Orientation Materials

Professional development orientation slides to prepare staff and volunteers to facilitate Building with Biology activities.
building with biology logo

Building with Biology logos

Building with Biology project logos and specifications for your own events and marketing materials.


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