Editing Our Evolution: Rewriting the Human Genome forum

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    Building with Biology forum

As gene editing techniques become more refined, the possibility of editing the human genome is moving from science fiction to reality. In this forum, participants have a chance to discuss the future of human genome editing and important concerns for society to address, such as the connections and distinctions between therapies and enhancements, issues of equity and access, and the potential impacts of making heritable changes to the human genome.  


Learning Goals

1. Although changing the genes of an organism has been possible for a long time, new
human gene editing technologies present inherent risks, opportunities, and benefits for
different people.
2. Everyone has valuable perspectives and views to add to the conversation.
Understanding these perspectives help scientists make better decisions in their
3. Scientist participants will learn about the diversity of public views on the topic of human
gene editing.
4. Non-scientist participants will learn about the potential applications of human


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