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A screenshot of the zoom into a human hand interactive starting with a hand.

Multimedia Zoom Into a Human Hand

This downloadable and online interactive allows learners to travel from the familiar scale of their hand down to DNA deep within a cell.
a group of four learners listen to a facilitator as they explain the activity

DNA Nanotechnology

In this activity, learners extract a sample of DNA from split peas and put it in an Eppendorf tube to take home.
Museum educator demonstrates biobarcodes hands-on activity

Biobarcodes: Antibodies and nanosensors

In this activity, learns explore antibodies and a nanomedical technology called Biobarcodes by assembling a jigsaw puzzle model.
Building with Biology blue squared logo with white text

Building with Biology - recommended videos

Educational videos introducing the topic of synthetic biology, CRISPR, and gene editing.
Building with Biology Rewriting the Human Genome forum logo

Editing Our Evolution: Rewriting the Human Genome forum

Building with Biology public forum where participants discuss the future of human genome editing and its societal implications.
Should We Edit the Genome title slide

Should We Edit the Genome? forum

Building with Biology public forum where participants discuss CRISPR technology used to precisely edit DNA, and if we should.
Mosquito up close on human hand

"Should We Engineer the Mosquito?" Forum

Building with Biology public forum where participants discuss whether the mosquito should be genetically engineered.
Screen shot of a Building with Biology video featuring a female news anchor speaking to the camera

Building with Biology: Introduction to Synthetic Biology and Society Video

This 7 minute video is designed to help create conversations in museums among scientists and public audiences about the emerging field of synthetic biology and its societal implications.
Close up photo of a snowflake crystal under a microscope

Exploring Fabrication - Self-Assembly

In this activity, learners will play several full-body interactive games to model the process of self-assembly in nature and nanotechnology.


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