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Nano & Society

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Nano and Society Training Materials

Professional development training tools to prepare staff and volunteers to facilitate Nano and Society activities.

Flying Cars

In this stage presentation, learners explore how people's predictions of future technology change throughout time.
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Nano and Society Case Study of a Research-to-Practice Partnership between University Scientists and Museum Professionals (2014)

Publication conducted by SRI Education that examined how complex and potentially controversial science ideas are translated for the public through a research-to-practice partnership between university scientists and museum professionals, collaborating to address a problem of educational practice, with mutual benefits.

Nanotechnology and Society Guide

Professional development guide for scientists from the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network.
Improv exercise

Improv Exercises

Professional development guides for educators from the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network.
Exploring Nano & Society - You Decide!

Exploring Nano & Society - You Decide!

In this activity, learners sort and prioritize cards with new nanotechnologies according to their own values and the values of others.

Exploring Nano & Society - Tippy Table

In this activity, learners have a conversation about additional blocks they can place on the tippy table component of the Nano Mini-Exhibition.
An artist's illustration of what a space elevator would look like from space.

Exploring Nano & Society - Space Elevator

In this activity, learners imagine and draw what a space elevator might look like, what support systems would surround it, and what other technologies it might enable.

Exploring Nano & Society - Flying Cars

In this activity, learners imagine and build a flying car out of small foam pieces while having conversations about future technology.
Nano Around The World  activity components including signs, activity materials and guides.

Nano Around the World card game

In this activity, learners are asked to assume the role of their character to find nanotechnologies that might benefit them and reflect on the potential uses of nanotechnology across the globe.


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