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Explore Science: Earth & Space activity and content training videos

Explore Science: Earth & Space activity and content training videos

Training videos for educators and volunteers focused on Earth and Space science activities.
Blue evaluation tools icon slide

Team-Based Inquiry Training Videos

This is a series of training videos for an evaluation strategy to empower museum professionals to get the data they need in order to improve their products and practices and create successful educational experiences.
Solar System Ambassador facilitating an activity at an Earth and Space event

Tips Sheets for Engaging Public Audiences

A collection of tips sheets for engaging public audiences in hands-on STEM activities. Specific sheets for: girls, young learners, bilingual audiences, preparing guest speakers, creating conversations, difficult concepts, and accessibility and inclusion.
Image of a NASA Solar System Asteroid card

Earth & Space Solar System Trading Cards Training Games

Professional development training tool solar system card games to prepare staff and volunteers to facilitate Earth and space science activities.
Group of museum staff training for chemistry event

Let's Do Chemistry Train-the-Trainer Workshop Resources

A collection of workshop resource to support modifying and facilitating activities to increase participants' interest, relevance, and self-efficacy in chemistry.
screenshot of a video opening with a live crowd seated in a theater with an overlay opening title "Chem-Attitudes"

Chem-Attitudes with Dr. Braxton Hazelby facilitation training video

Promotional materials for Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry activities including a facilitation training video.
An educator wearing goggles posed at a table with soap, water, and dry ice, ready to record a how-to video for the Sublimation Bubbles activity

Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry training videos

Training videos for each of the Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry hands-on activities.
Anders Liljeholm from OMSI reviews the best way to make a how-to video

How to make a how-to instructional training video

In this 2-minute video, an experienced facilitator walks viewers through how to make a how-to instructional training video.
NanoDays training video still shot

NanoDays activities training videos

Training Videos for staff and volunteers faciltating NanoDays activities.
Man in red shirt and lady in blue shirt participate in a Improv exercise with other professional museum educators

Improv Exercises

Improv exercises can be used by professionals as icebreakers, getting-to-know-you activities, and as tools to empower educators to facilitate positive, learning conversations with visitors.