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Mission Future exhibition opens at Arizona Science Center

Paul Martin, ASU

Mission Future: Arizona 2045 is a 2,500 square foot interactive exhibition developed by Arizona State University (ASU) in collaboration with Arizona Science Center, NASA, and numerous additional local and national partners. Mission Future integrates authentic Earth and space science, imaginative storytelling, an immersive environment, and hands-on activities to explore what Arizona might be like in the year 2045. Told through the perspective of five diverse characters from the future, the exhibition explores some of the ways climate change will affect life on our home planet, as well as some of the opportunities future humans will have to study, live, and work off Earth. The exhibition opened in February, 2023 for long-term display at the Arizona Science Center.

Mission Future Arizona 2045 Exhibition from NISE Network on Vimeo.

Additional exhibition collaborators include: 

Mission Future exhibition visitors interacting with exhibit
Family interacting together with Mission Future exhibition
Young Mission Future exhibition visitor interacting with air tube
Mission Future exhibition young visitor utilizing magnet wall
Mission Future exhibition visitor working on creating a floating object
Mission Future exhibition visitor hands in topography projection sand table

















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Summative Evaluation of the Mission Future exhibition

Exhibition journal publication
Ostman, R., Anderson, A., Kollmann, E. K., & Martin, P. (2024). Mission Future: An experiential future. Exhibition 43(1), pp. 32–44.


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