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Moon Adventure Game Extensions

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Adapting and Extending the Moon Adventure Game

The Moon Adventure Game was designed for use in museums with groups of 3–6 players at a time. However, the game can easily adapt for use in other settings and with larger groups by expanding and extending the game experience. You may also want to expand the experience by adding NASA images, videos, audio, and visualizations. Embellish your experience and create a more atmospheric environment by using of NASA’s Spotify playlists for background music, keep lights in your space dim, or add relevant content from other NISE Net Explore Science: Earth & Space activities and NASA resources. Please download a copy of the Game Guide for more resources: 


Extending the Moon Game Experience with
NISE Network Explore Science: Earth & Space Hands-on Activities

Explore Science: Earth and Space activities can be used with players before or after the game to go further in depth with Moon content. Activities can also be used to engage players waiting to start the game. Digital versions of all NISE Network activities are found at the links below.

Extending the Moon Game Experience with
NASA Images, Videos, Audio, and Visualizations

NASA offers a wide variety of different types of media. The following resources may be helpful if you are considering adding printable take-aways and posters, imagery, videography, or multimedia experiences.

Extending the Moon Game Experience with
Additional Moon Themed Activities

Howtosmile is a digital library of hands-on STEM activities.

  • Howtosmile Activity Extensions for the Moon Adventure Game
    This blog post from Howtosmile is a resource for educators currently using the game—or those planning to add the game to their museum programming—to extend the out-of-world experiences of players. Activity extension suggestions are organized by the five challenges of the game.
  • Additional Howtosmile Activities Connected to the Moon and Earth & Space Science
    If you are interested in even more Earth & Space science activities featuring the Moon in Howtosmile, use this search link to see the full list.

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