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Publications and published papers from the NISE Network projects printed and arranged in a pile

Publications List with Citations

A list of citations for NISE Network project externally published journal articles, books, and professional publications. 

More Types of Publications

Guides from the NISE Network projects printed and arranged in a pile
A selection of NISE Network written guides
  • Guides
    The NISE Network has developed many written guides designed to increase the capacity of informal science educators and scientists. Guides cover a wide variety of topics from program development, collaboration, inclusion, and implementation.
  • Evaluation Reports and Research Studies
    Evaluation is a process used to improve the design and function of educational experiences in informal learning environments and to measure progress toward goals. Research studies are designed to generate findings that will inform the broader field of informal science education.

Externally published journal articles and professional publications

Due to copyright restrictions, only a small portion of published journal articles are archived on this website; links are provided to external sites whenever possible.
Publications are listed by date, and are tagged with associated projects, please see a full list of NISE Network projects to learn more about a project.