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Short Activities

Short activities are brief hands-on experiences lasting less than 15 minutes for small groups of people. They are often presented at a table, cart, or demonstration space in a variety of settings such as a museum exhibit gallery, classroom, or other public or group setting. Multiple short activities can be combined to form a longer activity.

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The near side of the Moon, as seen by the cameras aboard NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft (NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University, 2017)

Exploring the Solar System: Observe the Moon

From Earth, we can look up and see the Moon with our own eyes.
Boy holding small plastic test tube

Exploring Structures - DNA

In this activity, learners create a necklace of wheat germ DNA to explore self-assembly

Tiny Particles, Big Trouble!

In this activity, learners investigate clean rooms by sniffing scents that are too small to see, trying on the head-to-toe suits that scientists wear in clean rooms, and manipulating pretend silicon wafers with tweezers.
An artist's illustration of what a space elevator would look like from space.

Exploring Nano & Society - Space Elevator

In this activity, learners imagine and draw what a space elevator might look like, what support systems would surround it, and what other technologies it might enable.

Exploring Materials - Oobleck

In this activity, learners investigate the properties of a cornstarch and water mixture, called Oobleck, and test its ability to protect from impacts.
Exploring Products - Nano Fabrics acitivty components including signs, guides, and nano pants

Exploring Products - Nano Fabrics

In this activity, learners investigate the hydrophobic properties of pants made from nano fabric and ordinary fabric.

Exploring Tools - Special Microscopes

In this activity, learners use a flexible magnet as a model for a scanning probe microscope.
Facilitators and learners building a VirEx delivery container with crafting supplies

Building with Biology: VirEx Delivery

In this activity, learners explore the potential for engineered viruses to deliver beneficial, targeted genetic information to sites throughout the body.
Exploring the Universe: Orbiting Objects activity image

Exploring the Universe: Orbiting Objects

In this activity, learners experiment with different sized and weighted balls on a stretchy fabric gravity well.
hands holding up colored filters in Filtered Light activity

Exploring the Universe: Filtered Light

In this activity, learners discover how colored filters can help reveal more about an image and we can use light and filters to learn more about an object.


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