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Promotional Materials List

Promotional and marketing materials for educational events and activities including logos, color and font specifications, photos, ads, and other promotional pieces.

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NISE Network logo - National Informal STEM Education Network

Promotional Materials, Logos, and Publicity Images page for all NISE Network projects

Promotional materials for all NISE Network projects including logos and photos.
circular blue sticker labeled "I'm a scientist"

Building with Biology "I'm a scientist" sticker

Building with Biology event "I'm a scientist" sticker to help visitors identify scientist volunteers.
Children and adults using Frankenstein Dough Creature activity - costumed adults dressed as Mary Shelley and Frankenstein monster

Frankenstein200 Promo Photos

Promotional materials for Frankenstein200 activities including sample photos.
Image of a Synthetic Biology handout with illustrations of how DNA can be edited

Building with Biology reference packet

Building with Biology packet of printable reference sheets on the basics of synthetic biology and related fields of study.
A screen shot of the Frankenstein200 banner featuring two families posed next to actors dressed as Mary Shelly and Frankenstein's monster

Frankenstein200 Promotional Banner & L.I.F.E. Event Posters

Promotional materials for Frankenstein200 activities including promotional banner and posters.
Cover photo of participants engaging in hands-on Building with Biology activity

Building with Biology promotional materials (Digital copies of ads, posters, and banners)

Promotional materials for Building with Biology events including ready-to-print and customizable ads, posters, banners, collections of press photos, and sample press releases.
Two actors dressed as Mary Shelley and Frankenstein's Monster interact with a family of three demonstrating how to make a battery

Frankenstein200 Planning and Promotional Materials

Planning and promotional materials for Frankenstein200 activities including welcome letter, kit content list, event planning guide, photo release form and sample press release in multiple formats.
Young girl showing her hand-drawn synthetic biology organism

Building with Biology sample press photos

Selection of customizable Building with Biology press releases for marketing your events.
Explore Science Let's Do Chemistry logo - 3 hexagons, gold with test tube symbol, blue with goggles, red with molecule symbol

Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry logos

Promotional materials for Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry including logos in multiple formats.
Building with Biology gold and blue colored logo

Building with Biology logos

Building with Biology project logos and specifications for your own events and marketing materials.


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