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Society for Neuroscience 2023 conference Neuro Futures card game displayed on table

Changing Brains activities and poster at Society for Neuroscience conference

December 13, 2023
Catherine McCarthy, Arizona State University
A poster about the Changing Brains project entitled “New Tools for Neuroethics Engagement: Mutual Learning through Card Games & More,” was presented at the Society for Neuroscience annual conference Neuroscience 2023 held in Washington DC. Claire Weichselbaum and Jayatri Das also facilitated the Changing Brains activities, including the Neuro Futures card game, with conference attendees at the Dana Foundation reception.
Staff and Participants Pose for a Group Shot Inside in Front of an Inflatable Glove with the NASA Logo

Partner Highlight: NASA Langley Research Center Open House: The Museum of Life and Science, El Futuro, and El Centro Hispano Open Opportunities for Hispanic Families

December 12, 2023
Isabella Lima, Andrea Tejada, & Joan Ballista, Museum of Life and Science, Durham, NC
On October 21, 2023, after seven years since the last open house, NASA Langley Research Center welcomed the public to an open house for a unique opportunity to experience STEM, meet scientists, hear from an astronaut, and build community within an institution that seems exclusive to most. Over 40,000 guests participated, including 15 Hispanic families brought together by the Museum of Life and Science Education and Engagement team, and their co-collaborators El Futuro and El Centro Hispano, two community-based nonprofit organizations in North Carolina providing support to and promoting advocacy for Latino families.
Nanoinventum Logo - Text with NanoRobots Framing

Partner Highlight: NanoInventum in Spain and Grupo Quark in Mexico – Nano Co-creation Projects Provide Students with Creative and Meaningful Engagement with STEM

December 12, 2023
Christina Leavell, Arizona State University
A partner highlight about a nano co-creation project initiated in Spain now reaching Mexico to provide students with creative and meaningful STEM engagement opportunities.
NanoDays activities at Arizona Science Center October 2023 with visitors waiting at a table

Partner Highlight: Nanotechnology Day Activities in Arizona

November 8, 2023
Catherine McCarthy, Arizona State University
To celebrate Nanotechnology Day and the 20th anniversary of the federal act authorizing the creation of the National Nanotechnology Initiative, public engagement events were held at both the Arizona Science Center and Arizona State University during the month of October.
2023 Annular Eclipse_Child Viewing Outside The Bell Museum StPaul MN.jpg

Partner Highlight: Partners Celebrate the 2023 Annular Solar Eclipse

November 8, 2023
Christina Leavell
Highlights from partner events celebrating the 2023 Annular Solar Eclipse.
Greensboro Science Center family science night with families crowded around an hands-on activity table

Partner Highlight: Family Science Nights in Greensboro, NC

November 8, 2023
Catherine McCarthy, Arizona State University
Greensboro Science Center recently conducted Family Science Nights at two local Title 1 schools Jefferson Elementary School and Guilford Elementary Schools in Greensboro, North Carolina.
Build a Human Habitat on Mars - child building with bricks next to challenge cards

Build a Human Habitat on Mars Exhibit Summative Evaluation Findings

September 28, 2023
Catherine McCarthy, Arizona State University
A summative evaluation study of the Build a Human Habitat on Mars exhibit focused on several key aspects of public audience impacts and behavior: 1) What does visitor engagement look like with regards to activity enjoyment and interest?, 2) How relevant is the exhibit to visitors’ everyday life?, and 3) To what degree does the exhibit foster 21st Century Skills?
Build a Giant Carbon Nanotube exhibit with visitors looking inside

Partner Highlight: Celebrating 45 Years of Nanoscale Research at the Cornell Nanoscale Science and Technology Facility

September 28, 2023
Ali Jackson, Director of Programs & Partnerships, Sciencenter
In celebration of the Cornell Nanoscale Science and Technology Facility's 45th anniversary (1977-2022), Sciencenter was able to once again host the NISE Net Nano Exhibition. Each year more than 1,000 scientists, engineers and technologists from around the world use CNF’s state-of-the-art instrumentation with the assistance of highly trained and creative specialists and staff. The ongoing partnership between this flagship facility and our museum has been incredibly valuable, and we're so happy to see it continue.
Solar Eclipse Finger Lakes Library activities distributed by the Sciencenter Ithaca, NY

Partner Highlight: Museum & Library Partnership – Community Engagement and Professional Development to Prepare for the Upcoming Solar Eclipses in the Finger Lakes of New York

September 28, 2023
Annie Gordon, Education Program Coordinator, Sciencenter, Ithaca, NY
In preparation for the October 2023 annular eclipse and the April 2024 total eclipse the Sciencenter in Ithaca, NY partnered with the Finger Lakes Library System (FLLS) to create eclipse kits for all the libraries within the system.
FrankenToy Activity Stuffed Animal Pieces Next to Imagining Life Activity Cards

Partner Highlight: It's Alive! EXTREME Frankenstuffs - An Adapted Program from the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC

September 26, 2023
Christina Leavell, Arizona State University
Partner highlight about how the Museum of Life and Science combined the Imaging Life activity from the Earth and Space toolkit and with the Frankentoy activity from the Frankenstein200 kit.