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Sharing Science Workshop & Practicum

Sharing Science Workshop & Practicum Gets Researchers Quickly Up to Speed with Family Audiences

May 31, 2016
Karine Thate, Museum of Science
Seeing a child’s face light up with excitement as they interact with real-life scientists and grad students at your outreach event is always a pleasure. Many researchers are interested in sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with the public, but they...

NISE Net Partners Learn-by-Doing the MOS "Sharing Science Workshop & Practicum" with Grad Students in Boston

November 24, 2014
Carol Lynn Alpert
They flew in from southern Mississippi, Montana, California, North Carolina, Ohio, and New York. They brought slides and shared their career stories, organizational profiles, and professional agendas. They ate Afghani food in an east Cambridge bistro, and showed up early...

Applications open for RISE Workshop on "Implementing the Sharing Science Workshop & Practicum"

July 29, 2014
Carol Lynn Alpert
Does your organization currently - or in the future want to - involve nano researchers in doing outreach to family audiences at a science museum or other informal science setting? The RISE group is offering a professional development workshop for...

A Guide to Building Partnerships between Science Museums and University-Based Research Centers

January 15, 2013
Karine Thate
How can your institution get resources and funding for sharing current science with your visitors? Find out with A Guide to Building Partnerships Between Science Museums and University-Based Research Centers. This guide is meant to help you move your science...

Broader Impacts, Revisited

June 11, 2012
Carol Lynn Alpert
It’s been a tumultuous 18 months for the Broader Impacts Criterion (BIC), the NSF merit review standard that gets a lot of grant-seeking scientists and engineers thinking about including plans for education, outreach, and diversity. First, Congress asked the NSF...

National Science Board Reviews Broader Impact Criterion

July 25, 2011
Carol Lynn Alpert
Science museums and their audiences often benefit from sub-awards provided by research centers which choose to address the NSF Broader Impact Criterion through partnerships for education outreach. Therefore, the National Science Board’s current review of this criterion (commonly known as...

NanoDays Collaborations

July 8, 2011
Vrylena Olney
As many of you know, NanoDays is the NISE Network's annual festival of educational programs about nanoscale science and engineering and its potential impact on the future. Each Spring, hundreds of NISE Net partners across the country plan and host...

CAPITALIZING on your NanoDays Partnerships, Pt. 2

April 20, 2011
Carol Lynn Alpert
The demos and banners have been put away; the thank you notes have gone out, the reports filed, and NanoDays 2011 is now a pleasant blur receding into the collective archive of organizational events, while you, perhaps, move on to...

CAPITALIZING on your NanoDays Partnerships, Pt. 1

March 15, 2011
Carol Lynn Alpert
Have you forged a great partnership with a couple of local research centers for your NanoDays 2011 festivities? Plan now to keep the relationship alive and growing beyond April, continuing to serve your audiences, your partners and your home team...


October 16, 2010
Carol Lynn Alpert
Small Steps; Big Impact: A guide for science museum leaders developing partnerships with university based research centers has been published online at The online format facilitates visitors in selecting topics of greatest interest and it will allow the guide...


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