Online Workshop: Celebrate Earth Day with NISE Net: Activity Connections and How Visitors Can Contribute Local Environmental Observations to NASA Science (Recorded)

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Happy Earth Day! This online workshop gave a quick refresher on the many Earth and environmental connections across the Explore Science toolkits from NISE Net activity developers. Participants learned more about NASA visualization resources that could help connect their visitors to ongoing efforts to monitor Earth's dynamic systems. Our guest speaker, Holli Kohl from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, introduced the GLOBE Observer app (on iPhone or Android) and explored the three exciting in-app observation tools: clouds, mosquito habitat mapper, and land cover, you can share with your visitors. Through the GLOBE Observer, anyone can join the international GLOBE network of citizen scientists, students, teachers, and scientists while learning more about our shared environment. Find our more about this popular and easy opportunity to let your visitors become part of the NASA scientific community by watching this recorded online workshop. This online workshop was recorded 4-16-2019.


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