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Intro to Nano video screenshot where someone pours wine onto another person's shirt.

Intro to Nano video

In this video, learners get a broad overview of the unique challenges and opportunities presented by nanoscale science, and dives into the super tiny scale of nanotechnology.
Stretch-ability - kids playing game

Exploring Size - StretchAbility

In this activity, learners use a "hands and feet-on" game that explores the different sizes of things in the world.
Measure yourself activity components including signs, activity materials and guides.

Exploring Size - Measure Yourself

In this activity, learners mark their height on a height chart and discover how tall they are in nanometers.

Exploring Size - Tiny Ruler

In this activity, learners investigating just how small a billionth of a meter is by repeatedly cutting a paper ruler in half.
A head on view of the Fact or Fiction exhibit

Nanotechnology: Fact or Fiction? exhibit

An exhibit that was part of the Nanotechnology: What's the Big Deal? exhibition that illustrates to visitors what’s real in nanotechnology, and what remains science fiction.
NanoLab exhibit magnets being arranged into the work Nanolab

NanoLab exhibit

An exhibit that was part of the Nanotechnology: What's the Big Deal? exhibition that explores how nanoscientists use special devices and laboratories to build and manipulate materials on the nanoscale

Cutting It Down to Nano

In this activity, learners cut a small strip of paper in half as many times as they can to explore scale.

Exploring Size - Moving Molecules

In this activity, learners use an air cannon toy to spin pinwheels to explore what makes up air.
Child smelling balloon using Exploring Size - Scented Balloons NanoDays

Exploring Size - Smelly Balloons

In this activity learners use their sense of smell to explore the world on the nanoscale and learn that we can smell some things that are too small to see,


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