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Polarized Light activity with hands holding paper and polarizing tape materials up to the window

Light Activities

Activities that explore light visible to our eyes and other wavelengths on the electromagnetic spectrum.
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Participants interact with cutouts that have information on them

Food Activities

Food is a great way to connect relevance of STEM content to our lives. Activities explore the science of cooking and preparing food, some of the societal choices about how we grow and process food. Activities can be incorporated into events that involve cooking an eating, food festivals, and annual celebrations like Halloween and Valentine's Day.
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Science fiction art featuring archer figure on a rock shooting an arrow into space

Science Fiction, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Super Hero Events

There are many ways to incorporate authentic hands-on STEM in science fiction, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Super Hero events! A compilation of ways to connect STEM activities to the imaginative and creative world of sci-fi!
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Learners looking at a nano experiment

¿Qué es Nano?

Las nanotecnologías tienen el potencial de transformar la manera como vivimos. Todos tenemos una función en la formación de nuestro nanofuturo.
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Learners looking at a nano experiment

What is Nano?

Nano exhibition and NanoDays resources for public audiences. Nanotechnologies have the potential to transform the way we live. We all have a role in shaping our nano future.
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Sun Earth Universe visitors using Sun exhibit flip doors

Sun, Earth, Universe Exhibition

The Sun, Earth, Universe exhibition is an engaging and interactive museum exhibition about Earth and space science for family audiences.
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NISE Net subawardee meeting 2012 people discussing

Getting Started

New to the NISE Network? A set of steps for how your and your institution can get involved.
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Two learners pointing to the Moon Adventure game

Timely Topics

Timely professional learning topics for informal science educators and scientists.
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Summative Evaluation icon that incorporates a buckyball

Summative Evaluation Reports

At the end of a project, summative evaluation is used to assess the impact of a completed project; summative evaluation usually includes observing visitors while they experience a program or exhibit and interviewing or surveying them before and/or after this experience.
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Families collaborating on a project


NISE Network encourages partnerships among museums, universities, and other organizations that support lifelong STEM learning. By collaborating, we can leverage our complementary strengths and resources and achieve outcomes we couldn't do alone!
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Learn about upcoming opportunities, events, ways to grow professionally, and inspiring stories from network partners.