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Woman dressed for theater play in crown and robe

Theater and Stage Presentations

Public programs are delivered by an educator, actor, or STEM professional and may incorporate stage presentations, scripted science theater performances, demonstrations, interactive games. These programs typically last up to 20 minutes and are held in a dedicated auditorium or seating area for small or large audiences.

Bookshelf of books


Publications include: 1) Externally published journal articles, books, and other professional publications 2) Guides for professional learning, and 3) Evaluation reports and research studies.

Publications and published papers from the NISE Network projects printed and arranged in a pile

Publications List with Citations

A list of citations for NISE Network project externally published journal articles, books, and professional publications. 

Guides from the NISE Network projects printed and arranged in a pile


The NISE Network has developed many written professional learning guides designed to increase the capacity of informal science educators and scientists. Guides cover a wide variety of topics from program development, collaboration, inclusion, and implementation.

Two facilitators and two learners wearing goggles use colorful felt strips to layer bubbles upon each other


Chemistry hands-on activities and professional learning resources for informal science educators.

Child using the Braille book, called "Getting a Feel for Eclipses," features graphics that teach users about the interaction and alignment of the sun with the moon and Earth

Blind and Low Vision Audiences

Resources for improving accessibility for blind and low vision audiences including strategies, guidelines, audio descriptions, sonifications, tactile books, and tactile 3D-printed models.
A family holds all their hands together in between a smartphone and a Wi-Fi router sitting on two blocks of wood, placed apart on a table.

Making Waves with Radio Kit

A downloadable kit of hands-on activities to help learners explore the phenomena, uses, and societal impact of radio technologies.
Voyage through the Solar System Breath of Fresh Air activity with children measuring liquid droppers with graduated cylinders

Voyage through the Solar System Kit

Kit of activities and professional resources focused on NASA’s ongoing efforts to send future astronauts to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.
Two learners observe the Sun with a solarscope in a grassy field


Resources for educators creating activities and themes for summer camps, holiday camps, and school break camps.
Learner holds up an atomic structure model of graphene


Elemental carbon has many different structural forms including graphite, diamond, carbon nanotubes and buckyballs. The arrangement of atoms at the nanoscale dramatically impacts a material’s macroscale properties and behavior. Hands-on activities explore: observable phenomena such as conductivity of graphite; molecular model-building of different forms; and how new technology may affect society.