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A lotus leaf showing off its hydrophobic properties. Water is balled up on its surface.


A collection of NISE Network resources related to plant science including hands-on activities and resources. Topics include include biomimicry technology that can imitate natural phenomena and processes such a self-cleaning surfaces and fabrics inspired by the lotus leaf effect observed in some plant leaves.
Hands sorting tokens to signify which technology is most important to them

Science & Society

Public engagement programs and professional learning resources that provide opportunities for conversations and consideration of the relationship between science, technology, and society.
A model of the intense magnetic fields around the Sun

Telescopes and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

We use special tools to detect things far away that we can't see with just our eyes. Many tools use different wavelengths on the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) including visible light, infrared light, ultraviolet light, and radio waves. Other tools may detect magnetism—such as the magnetic field lines around the surface of the Sun.
Young learner using a sun-shaped flashlight to make a shadow on small yellow and red toy bears

Early Learner Earth and Space Activities

A selection of hands-on Earth & Space activities that work well for young children.
A facilitator holds a bottle while a learner wafts a scent to her nose


Hands on activities related to the senses - vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. The sensing organs associated with each sense send information to the brain to help us understand and perceive the world around us.
Scientist using an Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM).

Microscopes and Tools for the Small

We use special tools to detect things we can't see with just our eyes. A compilation of microscope resources focusing on revealing things too small to see with just our eyes. Resources include activities and images about magnification, light or optical microscopes, Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM), Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM), and Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM).
Children looking at Gecko with magnifying glass


A collection of biomimicry resources and examples of how technology can imitate natural phenomena and processes. Public engagement biomimicry activity examples include: self-cleaning surfaces and fabrics inspired by the lotus leaf effect observed in some plant leaves, sticky materials inspired by gecko feet, photonics crystals using structural color similar to the iridescent properties of some insects, bird feathers, and shells.
Hands holding blocks and cards for Future Builder SustainABLE activity


A compilation of sustainability public engagement and professional learning resources. Annual events include: World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development, Earth Hour, Earth Day, National Public Works Week, Campus Sustainability Month, and more.
Exploring Products - Sunblock activity components like the construction paper, swabs, and sunblock.

Health and Medicine

A compilation of health and medicine public engagement resources. These resources may be useful for incorporating into annual events such as World Health Day, DNA Day, Mosquito Awareness campaigns, and events focused on human health.
7 vials filled with quantum dots which are lit up and emit colored light


A compilation of quantum public engagement and professional learning resources. Also included are resources for annual events including World Quantum Day held April 14.