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Child using putting marbles into tube with funnel in Water Roll SustainABLE kit activity

SustainABLE Kit

Activities and professional development resources designed to engage the public in sustainability.
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Children using Building with Biology kit of parts activity with colored blocks and cards

Building with Biology Kit

Engaging activities and professional development resources to create conversations about the emerging field of synthetic biology and societal implications.
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Children with surprised faces and adults using the Frankenstein kit Battery Stack activity  - adults dressed as Mary Shelley and the Monster

Frankenstein 200 Kit

Hands-on activities and professional development resources that encourage creativity and reflection about responsible innovation, developed in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein.
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Childrens using Nature of Dye chemistry activity with tools and glassware

Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry Kit

Activities and professional development resources designed to stimulate interest, sense of relevance, and feelings of self-efficacy about chemistry.
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Children and adult investigating globes of ice in  Icy Orbs activity

Explore Science: Earth & Space Toolkits

Hands-on STEM public engagement activities and professional development resources about Earth and space science.
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All kit components and activities in Frankenstein 200 kit


Kits are a collection of STEM engagement materials and related professional resources focused on a specific topic. Kit elements are designed to complement and reinforce each other. NISE Network kits typically emphasize hands-on, social learning among members of the public, educators, and STEM professionals.
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Scientist being interviewed

Professional Learning for Scientists

NISE Network creates resources designed specifically for scientists and other STEM professionals. These include tools and guides on science communication, methods for engaging the public, and ways to enhance collaborations.
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Educators watching Star Formation activity

Professional Learning for Educators

NISE Network has many resources designed for informal educators who work in museums, university outreach centers, and other out-of-school settings. These include training materials for our educational products, tools and guides related to engaging public audiences in learning about current science, and information about developing and strengthening collaborations.
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Man standing with microphone in a group forum discussing STEM topics societal implications


Forums provide opportunities for thoughtful consideration of the relationship between science, technology, and society. Older youth and adults participate in one- to two-hour facilitated discussions that promote exploration and foster dialogue and deliberation.
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Posters for the Earth & Space kit

Promotional Materials

Promotional and marketing materials for educational events and activities include logos, color and font specifications, photos, and customizable ads.
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Learn about upcoming opportunities, events, ways to grow professionally, and inspiring stories from network partners.