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Frankenstein200 activity training videos screenshot with presenter dressed as mad scientist


A collection of hands-on STEM activities for creating Halloween spooky science events.

Hands-on Activities and Resources

Children with surprised faces and adults using the Frankenstein kit Battery Stack activity  - adults dressed as Mary Shelley and the Monster

Frankenstein 200 Kit

Hands-on activities and professional development resources that encourage creativity and reflection about responsible innovation, developed in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein.
Participant's hands touching the steel and copper plates, connected to a multimeter

Spark of Life

In this activity, learners create a battery from two kinds of metal and their own body.
Mary Shelly, her monster, and visitors using the battery stack activity

Battery Stack

In this activity, learners investigate how to make a voltaic pile, the first kind of battery.
A group of learners creating a scribblebot using a pool noodle, small electric motor and thin markers

Scribble Bot

In this activity, learners create a toy bot with a surprising ability: it scribbles on a sheet of paper.
Monster Mask completed mask with smiling visitor

Monster Mask

In this activity, learners create a mask with a special feature: an LED bulb that lights up.
Two automata on a table - one monster and one leaf being manipulated but a visitor


In this activity, learners build an automaton, a moving mechanical device that imitates the movement of a human, animal, or other living thing.
Frankentoy activity with participants engaged


In this activity, learners make a “creature” by mixing and matching different parts of toys.
Gum and Chocolate Chemistry activity - child holding piece of chocolate

Gum and Chocolate

In this activity, learners practice observation and prediction skills as they experience an interesting chemical reaction in their mouths by chewing chocolate and gum at the same time.
Woman smelling chocolate

What’s Nano About Chocolate?

In this 30-second video, viewers quickly learn about nanosized particles and the sense of smell.
Educator and group of children learning about self assembly using Gummy Capsules NanoDays activity

Exploring Fabrication - Gummy Capsules

In this activity, learners make self-assembled polymer spheres.
Kids making and tasting gummy worms

Sweet Self-Assembly

In this activity, learners make edible macrocapsules using techniques similar to those being used in laboratories to make nanocapsules or "smart drugs".
syringe of brownish gel ejecting into a small strainer over a bucket

Molecular Gastronomy

In this O Wow Moments video, Mr. O looks at the fusion of science and cooking by making a special ice cream topping.
Participants interact with cutouts that have information on them

Food Activities

Food is a great way to connect relevance of STEM content to our lives. Activities explore the science of cooking and preparing food, some of the societal choices about how we grow and process food. Activities can be incorporated into events that involve cooking an eating, food festivals, and annual celebrations like Halloween and Valentine's Day.
Science fiction art featuring archer figure on a rock shooting an arrow into space

Science Fiction, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Superheroes

There are many ways to incorporate authentic hands-on STEM in science fiction, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Superhero events! A compilation of ways to connect STEM activities to the imaginative and creative world of sci-fi!
two learners and a facilitator watch a soapy solution with dry ice make a giant bubble filled with smoke

Sublimation Bubbles

In this activity, learners explore sublimation by capturing carbon dioxide gas in soapy bubbles sublimated from dry ice.
Childrens using Nature of Dye chemistry activity with tools and glassware

Explore Science: Let's Do Chemistry Kit

Activities and professional development resources designed to stimulate interest, sense of relevance, and feelings of self-efficacy about chemistry.
National chemistry week logo

National Chemistry Week

National Chemistry Week is a community based program of the American Chemical Society (ACS). NISE Network has compiled a set of resources and activities suitable for National Chemistry Week, Chemists Celebrate Earth Week, and chemistry events.
An actor in a blue lab coat has a confused look on his face while interacting with a puppet character

Nano Dreams and Nano Nightmares

In this stage presentation, learners are introduced to nanoscale science with humor and puppetry.
Storming the Castle

Storming the Castle Museum Theater Show

In this theater presentation, learners explore the risks and benefits of synthetic biology in a light-hearted melodramatic setting.
Webb Telescope Pumpkin design carved into a pumpkin

More Resources

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