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COVID-19 Vaccine Museum Resources

Revised July 15, 2021

COVID vaccine vial in gloved hand Photo by Hakan Nural


A compilation of COVID-19 Vaccine resources for museums including science communication approaches and public engagement about viruses and vaccines.

Coronavirus COVID-19 image from CDC

COVID-19 Coronavirus Resources for Museums

A compilation of resources for museums including safety practices, closures, digital engagement, evaluation resources, and more.


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Recorded Online Workshop 

The COVID-19 Vaccine: What role can museums play in the rollout of the new vaccine? 

With the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine currently underway there is a growing need for community-based dialogue around vaccine safety. So what role can and should museums play in the rollout of the new vaccine? This workshop focused on effective communication strategies around the importance of vaccinations and what role museums can play in educating their communities about the vaccine. View a recording of the workshop here (recorded February 2, 2021)


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Vaccines & US: Cultural Organizations for Community Health

Every one of us has a right to accurate, trusted information. Vaccination impacts you, your family, and your community.  This Smithsonian-led collaboration brings together the best available resources about COVID-19 and the vaccines, as well as resources to address many health-related pandemic needs. The Vaccines&US website includes science, history, art, music, and practical tips about dealing with COVID-19 in this moment.


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Educational products for public audiences

Screenshot of Mister O video It's Snot Funny talking about viruses


COVID vaccine image credit Daniel Schludi on Unsplash

COVID-19 Coronavirus

Vaccines - General

Science of Vaccines Resources

Coronavirus Vaccine Comparison infographic from the Museum of Science in Boston
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Posters, Signs, Graphics, and Social Media Images

Language That Works to Improve Vaccine Acceptance infographic form the deBeaumont Foundaiton
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Science Communication about COVID Vaccine





changing the covidconversation about COVID infographic from the de Beaumont Foundation
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Public Perception and Audience Research about COVID Vaccine



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