Coronavirus resources and Network response

Catherine McCarthy, Science Museum of Minnesota
Coronavirus COVID-19 image from CDC

revised April 1, 2020

We know many NISE Network partners are canceling public events and temporarily closing your facilities in order to slow the spread of  Coronavirus (COVID-19) and protect your communities. At this time, we want you to know that the safety of your staff, volunteers, and public audiences is of the utmost importance to all of us in the NISE Network. 

Explore Science: Earth and Space 2020 toolkit event requirements

NISE Network partners awarded a physical Explore Science: Earth and Space 2020 toolkit were required to hold a spring event (March-May 2020) with public audiences. We realize that many of your institutions are facing a great deal of uncertainty with closures, reduced attendance, and affected staff and volunteers. We understand that you may not be able to hold the event you had originally intended.

It is our hope that partners who have received a physical Explore Science: Earth & Space 2020 toolkit Part A will be able to use these resources to engage public audiences in the future once public events in their communities resume. Your safety and that of your community are the priority. 

Toolkit Reporting Due Date: We will be extending the deadline for the Explore Science: Earth & Space 2020 Part A toolkit report (originally due on June 15, 2020).  We will follow up with more details about the report format and a new report due date at a later date.

Our thoughts are with those affected by the coronavirus across the globe, and we hope that all of you are staying healthy, safe, and informed about the latest changes.

Coronavirus museum resources

We wanted to make sure you are aware of these resources in this rapidly changing situation: 

Viruses and Coronavirus videos and activities for the public

Do science at home resources

We've selected a few things that are not materials-intensive that many families may be able to try at home. If your institution is attempting to engage with audiences virtually, check out these and other resources from the NISE Network:


Tips for working from home

    Resources for digital public engagement