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Two children extracting visible DNA from wheat germ in Building with Biology kit


A compilation of resources about genetics including DNA, genes, genetic engineering, and synthetic biology. These resources may be useful for incorporating into annual events such as DNA Day and events focused on human health, genetics, and biology.

Activities and Programs

Children exploring Building with Biology DNA activity using pipette

Exploring Structures - DNA

In this activity, learners create a necklace of wheat germ DNA to explore self-assembly
learners and facilitator extract sample with pipette

Building with Biology: See DNA

In this activity focused on synthetic biology, learners extract visible DNA from wheat germ and create necklaces to display their own sample of wheat germ DNA.
Children using Building with Biology kit of parts activity with colored blocks and cards

Building with Biology Kit

Engaging activities and professional development resources to create conversations about the emerging field of synthetic biology and societal implications.
Image of a Synthetic Biology handout with illustrations of how DNA can be edited

Building with Biology reference packet graphics

Building with Biology packet of printable reference sheets on the basics of synthetic biology and related fields of study.
two learners stretch across a large mat that have various icons related to nanotechnology

Exploring Size - StretchAbility

In this activity, learners use a "hands and feet-on" game that explores the different sizes of things in the world.
Facilitator and learners discuss their drawn super organism

Building with Biology: Super Organisms

In this activity focused on synthetic biology, learners use the engineering design process to design a single-celled organism to clean up an oil spill to learn more about synthetic biology.
Two learners place tokens on what technology card they value more

Building with Biology: Tech Tokens

In this activity, learners consider the potential advantages and disadvantages of various areas of synthetic biology research, before investing in them with "tech tokens."
Facilitators and learners building a VirEx delivery container with crafting supplies

Building with Biology: VirEx Delivery

In this activity, learners explore the potential for engineered viruses to deliver beneficial, targeted genetic information to sites throughout the body.
Building with Biology Bio Bistro activity components

Building with Biology: Bio Bistro

In this activity, learners decide what current and future synthetic biology-based food products they would, would not, or might eat.
Building with Biology Kit of Parts activity components

Building with Biology: Kit of Parts

In this activity, learners explore the engineering aspect of synthetic biology by solving challenges through building a model cell.

Annual Events

DNA Day (April 25)

Gregor Mendel 200 (July 2022 - 2023)

More Resources

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