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Visitors line up by size in Get in Order - large size powers of 10 cards featuring an Earth card

Size, Scale, & Measurement

A compilation of activities and resources focused on size, scale, and measurement. Resources can be incorporated into annual events including Metric Day, Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month, World Quantum Day, DNA Day, NanoDays, Earth and space events, and more.

Annual Events Incorporating Measurement and Scale

Pi Day and International Day of Mathematics (March 14)

NanoDays (last weekend in March - first weekend in April)

Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month (April)

World Quantum Day (April 14)

National Math Festival (mid-April)

DNA Day (April 25)

National Nano Day (October 9th)

Metric Day (October 10th)

Working with STEM Experts Guide cover including an image of expert  puring a liquid and using a strainer with a girl and her family at a museum public event

Finding STEM Experts