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Woman dressed for theater play in crown and robe

Theater and Stage Presentations

Public programs are delivered by an educator, actor, or STEM professional and may incorporate stage presentations, scripted science theater performances, demonstrations, interactive games. These programs typically last up to 20 minutes and are held in a dedicated auditorium or seating area for small or large audiences.

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Children engaging with snowflake program

Snowflakes: Nano at its Coolest

In this activity, learners watch videos of snowflakes growing, observe real ice crystals growing in a chilled chamber and that snowflakes are examples of self-assembled systems studied by nanoscientists.
A facilitator on stage in front of a large spinning wheel asking a participant a question with a microphone

Wheel of the Future

In this stage presentation, learners are contestants in a game show that encourages them to discover facts about nanotechnology and consider the concerns people have for new field.
Poster showing the different forms fo carbon molecules

World of Carbon Nanotubes Stage Presentation and Posters

Poster and slide presentation on carbon nanotubes.
Surface area nanoscale science demonstration blowing fireball

Surface Area - stage presentation

This is a large group version of the Surface Area program. In this interactive stage presentation, audience members are measured in nanometers and demonstrate the effectiveness of "nano" silver in killing germs. Other highlights include a fireball that starts and...
Prize wheel from the activity

Nanotechnology Spin-a-Prize!

In this activity, learners discover the basics of nanoscale science, engineering, and technology through a game show format.
Facilitator standing next to a erupting bottle of soda

Mentos and Soda Explosion

In this stage presentation, learners experience a dramatic and messy demonstration on the effects of surface area.
Facilitator showing a spring toy prop from the presentation

Making Molecular Movies with QSTORM

In this stage presentation, learners are introduced to an interdisciplinary research project making advances in biological imaging.
Amazing Juggling Nano Brothers show poster featuring a man holding a magnifying glass while observing small scaled characters on a stool

The Amazing Nano Brothers Juggling Show

Stage presentation using juggling focused on atoms, molecules, nanoscale forces.
Water being poured into a Glass - iStock photo

Cleaning Our Water with Nanotechnology

In this stage presentation, learners experience demonstrations about how we can make contaminated water safe to drink using a variety of technologies.
Guide cover featuring a cratered surface of the Moon

The Moon: NASA is Going Back and Looking Forward presentation

Professional development training tool to prepare staff and volunteers to facilitate Explore Science: Earth and Space activities and conversations.