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The NISE Network is no longer creating and distributing new NanoDays kits; the last kit we created was in 2015.  We encourage you to hold NanoDays events and use NanoDays materials year-round.  You can download digital kit materials from the 2015 kit as well other prior kits.

NanoDays has grown into a nationwide festival engaging the public in nanoscale science, engineering, and technology – with events taking place at over 250 science museums, research centers, and universities across the country from Puerto Rico to Hawaii. We hope you continue to hold NanoDays events and to use NanoDays materials year-round in ways that enhances your educational programming, meets your institution’s needs, and above all, engages your visitors in fun, hands-on science for years to come.

Future Future Dates: (last weekend in March - first weekend in April)
To help in continuing these efforts, we’ve provided future dates for NanoDays:

  • 2018: March 31-April 8
  • 2019: March 30-April 7
  • 2020: March 28-April 5

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NanoDays song

Alex Fiorentino, former NISE Net programs team member and Museum of Science Boston Education Associate, sent us this clip of his NanoDays song. Enjoy!