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Streamlining Partner Communications, Upcoming Projects and Opportunities

Catherine McCarthy, Arizona State University
Christina Leavell - Community Manager
Christina Leavell,
NISE Network Community Manager

We wanted to let you know about an upcoming change to communications with the National Informal STEM Education Network (NISE Network). We are streamlining our partner communications so that Christina Leavell will become our Community Manager and the primary contact for all NISE Network partners. Going forward, partners in any geographic region can reach out to Christina with any questions, concerns, or stories to share about network projects and opportunities.

The NISE Network website and newsletter remain the best ways to learn about upcoming opportunities, free online workshops, and conference presentations. Below is a list of opportunities and upcoming projects that we are looking forward to over the next few years. 

NISE Network projects opportunities flyer 5-1-22 page 1
Download the 4-5-22 flyer

You can also download our most recent one-page flyer summarizing existing resources and upcoming opportunities.

Opportunities and upcoming projects


  • Online workshops - check out the the upcoming schedule of online  workshops (more workshops planned for summer and fall:
  • Conferences - If you are are attending any of these in-person conferences please check out NISE Network related events and activities: 
  • Resources from the Earth & Space project-based professional learning community of 100 partner organizations participating in the NASA-funded project continue to implement their own projects focused on making Earth & Space science relevant and inclusive for their local communities.  Even if you or your organization didn’t participate, we are making resources available online for anyone to access. Coming Soon!
  • Diversity, Equity, Access, and Inclusion (DEAI) digital tools: Coming in Summer 2022!
  • James Webb Space Telescope: First images are expected summer 2022; public engagement resources available at
  • Changing Brains will develop a new framework for neuroethics engagement—combining public engagement and neuroethics, looking forward to new activities and programming. This work funded by the Dana Foundation, will also connect the Network with the Civic Science Fellows program.



  • Build a Mars Habitat exhibit component addition to the Sun, Earth, Universe exhibition, (52 copies will be delivered to recipients of the Sun, Earth, Universe exhibition).
  • Explore Science: Voyage through the Solar System: Hands-on activities, DIY apps, and training materials about our solar system and human space exploration; 350 physical kits will be distributed to past Explore Science: Earth & Space kit recipients.
  • Making Waves: Hands-on activities, mobile apps, and camp curriculum on the science, technologies, and societal implications behind radio wave communications. These activities will be attached to a larger set of digital tools created by partners including mobile apps and an in-depth camp curriculum.
  • Solar Eclipse - October 14, 2023: we will continue to update our website with resources available from the NISE Network, NASA, and other sources to help you engage audiences in this celebration. Resources available now at:


  • Solar Eclipse - April 8, 2024: we will continue to update our website with resources available from the NISE Network, NASA, and other sources to help you engage audiences in this celebration. Resources available now at:
  • STEM Learning Ecosystems: Professional resources to support lifelong learning using principles and practices of successful STEM Learning Ecosystems. https:/
  • Digital resources designed intentionally to engage Spanish-speaking and bilingual communities in Earth and space science

Stay in Touch!

We value your participation in the network and are so grateful for your incredible work engaging local communities. We look forward to continuing to work together in the future!