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2015 Network-Wide Meeting

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Saint Paul, Minnesota

The 2015 Network-Wide Meeting was held on June 4-5, 2015 at the Saint Paul RiverCentre and the Science Museum of Minnesota in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  The meeting was attended by nearly 300 NISE Network partners from throughout the United States featured: keynote speakers, concurrent sessions, and opportunities for attendees to meet with others in the Network and share their own work. 

Attendance at the Network-Wide Meeting was by invitation-only due to space and budgetary limitations.
We are sorry we are unable to invite all NISE Network partners to attend the meeting; we are making digital versions of many slides and handouts available following the event.

Final Program and Attendee Materials

Plenary Session presentations available for download

Please consult the program for plenary speaker biographies.

Plenary: Welcome and New Opportunities

Paul Martin, Science Museum of Minnesota

Larry Bell, Museum of Science, Boston
download PPTX presentation


Darrell Porcello

Plenary: The Future of Nanotechnology Scientists Panel 

moderated by Darrell Porcello, UC Berkeley, Lawrence Hall of Science



Eray Aydil

Eray Aydil, University of Minnesota

download PPTX presentation



Mauro FerrariMauro Ferrari, Methodist Hospital Research Institute

download PPTX presentation



Emily Hunt

Emily Hunt, West Texas A & M University

download PPTX presentation


Plenary: Synthetic Biology Introduction and Opportunities

Larry Bell, Museum of Science, Boston

download PPTX presentation

David Sittenfeld
David Sittenfeld, Museum of Science, Boston

download PPTX presentation


Megan Palmer

Megan Palmer, Stanford University and UC Berkeley 

download PDF presentation






Remarks from NISE Network's Former NSF Program Officer  

Dave Ucko, Museums+more



Larry Bell and Paul Martin

Plenary: Meeting Closing

Paul Martin, Science Museum of Minnesota 

Larry Bell, Museum of Science, Boston 

download PPTX presentation

Concurrent Sessions

The June 3-4, 2015 meeting included 28 concurrent sessions. Each session was 1 hour 15 minutes in length. 
PDFs of slide presentations will be made available on this page after the meeting.

Concurrent session presentation slides and handouts (uploading in progress)



Network-Wide Meeting showcaseNetwork-Wide Meeting ShowcaseNetwork-Wide Meeting showcase

Meeting attendees all had the opportunity to share their own projects and activities during dedicated showcase times. We split showcase presenters into two groups (one group on each day) so that attendees have a chance to see others’ work.  


Meeting Goals

NISE Network 2015 Network-Wide Meeting wordle of meeting goals

  • Goal 1: Through networking opportunities, participants will deepen relationships with each other in order to sustain partnerships and explore future collaborations for public engagement in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).
  • Goal 2: Participants will learn about educational products and professional development resources they can use to increase their capacity to sustain public engagement in nano and other current science topics.
  • Goal 3: Participants will have opportunities to share their experiences with public engagement in nanoscience, engineering, and technology and be inspired by the experiences of other partners.
  • Goal 4: Participants will learn about new current science content and opportunities for collaboration and public engagement, including the synthetic biology project.

Overview Agenda

and Science Museum of MinnesotaTravel Expenses and Logistics










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